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All the Little Things

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Purple Light of Hope (Shoots for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month) #9

The Purple Light of Hope isn't just one light, it shines from lots of little lights all shining #together to light up a better future.

The donation a runner's friends make to Pancreatic Cancer Scotland after he posts about a race on facebook - it's just a little thing.

The friend who gets one of Pancreatic Cancer Action's healthcare education packs and hands it into the local surgery so that someone else might get diagnosed quicker - it's just a little thing.

The reader who adds one more name to Pancreatic Cancer UK's petition to #demandBetter - it's just a little thing.

The pump-priming funding that charities give to start small studies - it's just a little thing.

The subtle change in post operative care protocol that lets cancer patients back home a few days sooner - it's just a little thing.

The trial that show addition of a second drug in advanced disease can improve survival by almost 2 months - it's just a little thing.

Having an extra 8 weeks with someone you love - it's just ...

... hard to imagine how big a thing that can be for someone. Yet, there are so many other little things happening around the world, so many intitiatives by other members of the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, and if we continue to work at each of them then one day togther we can make a BIG difference.

Model: Kat (Instagram: @wild_berry_blue)

Photographer: Fraser Duthie (Instagram: @tacetlens) www.tacetlens.co.uk

#togetherWeCanMakeADifference #pancreaticCancer #PANCaware

This picture is also present in and   Purple Light of Hope  Purple Magic

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